November 30, 2017 | Mac Rogers
If buyer demand outpaces the current supply of existing homes for sale, prices will continue to appreciate. Nothing nefarious is taking place. It is simply the theory of supply & demand working as it should. #brokermac #castrovalleyrealtor

November 29, 2017 | Mac Rogers
While borrowing power for the potential home buyer has fallen relative to the low point of 2012, it remains high today and will remain high next year, relative to the long run average. If you don’t want to rent anymore and are considering becoming a

November 27, 2017 | Mac Rogers
Owning a home has always been, and will always be, better from a financial standpoint than renting. #brokermac #castrovalleyrealtor

November 24, 2017 | Mac Rogers
Existing home sales are currently at an annual pace of 5.48 million, the highest pace since June of this year, but down 0.9% from October 2016. #brokermac #castrovalleyrealtor

November 22, 2017 | Mac Rogers
It is getting easier to gain financing for a home purchase. However, we are not seeing the irresponsible lending that caused the housing crisis. #brokermac #castrovalleyrealtor


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