January 27, 2021 | Mac Rogers
Are we headed for another foreclosure crisis? What are the chances that we repeat 2007 - 2008 mortgage meltdown?

January 23, 2021 | Mac Rogers
Where is the real estate market headed.

January 7, 2021 | Mac Rogers
These are the top 17 things you MUST KNOW when living in Castro Valley. If you're moving to Castro Valley or thinking about living in Castro Valley, you'll learn all 17 of the things you must know to fit in like a local in Castro Valley.

January 23, 2020 | Mac Rogers
Did you know that Winter is actually one of the BEST times to sell your home? Whether your house is in Castro Valley or anywhere in the eastbay. But where to start?

January 21, 2020 | Mac Rogers
Selling your home in the winter could be the greatest strategy to get the best return on your investment. But there’s still some work to do!


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