February 28, 2020 | Mac Rogers
This is what you have been waiting for. An open floor plan that is spacious and comfortable. Located right at the banks of Lake Merritt, often referred to as Oakland's little gem.

February 19, 2020 | Mac Rogers
Lowball disorder usually begins with a mild case of Zillow fever. Before you know it, you’ll be online saving so many homes people will start a church in your honor.

February 14, 2020 | Mac Rogers
Why hook up with some random house on Zillow when we can set you up with the home of your dreams?

February 10, 2020 | Mac Rogers
How well do you think it would go if you went to buy Starbucks ordered a salted caramel mocha, my drink of choice, but when they asked you for payment, instead of giving them money, you told the barista, “Let’s not worry about that. I’m good for it.

February 7, 2020 | Mac Rogers
When it comes to political elections, we all know the danger of mixing social media with foreign powers. But when it comes to selling your home, social media is an excellent tool that can give you a significant and ethical advantage over your competi


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