July 19, 2021 at 9:50am | Mac Rogers
First half of the year is done. What can we expect in real estate in the second half of 2021? Will there be a market crash? Will the bubble finally burst? Will interest rates climb? Will inventory increase or remain the same?

Spoiler alert. For the second half of the year, we most likely continue to see much of the same. No there won't be any real estate market crash (yet???). There is no bubble that will pop. The fundamentals of this market is strong. This is not a repeat of the mortgage meltdown.

Yes, interest rates will climb. It's not a question of if but more of when and how high. A little bit of disclaimer here. The last two years that has been the common consensus but the opposite is what has occurred. Rates have continued to drop or stayed the same.

Finally inventory. There's good signs in the home builder front. There are more houses being built. Still won't be meeting our demand needs but a welcome relief. On the resale side, hopefully the sellers that were on the fence last year whether it was because of COVID or any other reason, should start to put their homes on the market. Again this wont be enough to meet our demand.

The foreclosure crisis or forbearance crisis? Two words for you. Not happening. The government is hell bent on not letting foreclosure 2.0 from happening again. They are doing everything in their power to keep people in their homes.

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