April 05, 2021 at 8:05am | Mac Rogers
Why is California real estate or housing so expensive compared to the rest of the country? Is it because of the high demand and lack of supply? That's what most people will tell you. On my market updates, I give you this same narrative.

If it's a supply and demand issue, then why can't we build more? Like everything else that makes California expensive, regulations. Some of the reasons that makes housing expensive are, labor cost, materials cost, land cost but the biggest culprit which I believe actually contributes to all these is over regulation.

Redwood City Article - https://bit.ly/3wqbbGH​
CEQO Department of Fish & Wildlife - https://bit.ly/3fFHdIX​
CEQA Flow Chart - https://bit.ly/3rMTFcg​
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LAX Parking Lawsuit - https://lat.ms/2PzKRcr​
CEQA Litigations - https://bit.ly/2PC9tRQ​

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