April 03, 2021 at 8:54am | Mac Rogers
Thinking of moving to the east bay? Here are some things to know about the east. bay before moving here. The east bay is an amazing place to live. But just like any other place, it's got its negatives. In this video that's what we will look into.

***Towards the end of the video, the volume just dropped. Sorry about that. Here's what I said on that part of the video:
"I reported one about a year ago and the trash is still there. Who's in charge? What else do we need to do? It doesn't only apply to garbage being dumped on the side of the road, it's also just general littering. Again how is it that someone just thinks that "oh this candy wrapper I have, I'll just let the wind take it"? I mean who thinks like this? I'll tell you the same people that I mentioned earlier.

Next time you are on the freeway, your local neighborhood or the trails, just pay attention and you would be amazed at how much littering goes on. One more thing before we move on. You know mountain bikers are always being vilified or not being allowed to go on certain trails, one particularly group is the Sierra club, they always oppose opening up new trails to mountain bikers, but let me tell you this, mountain bikers or a lot of mountain bikers actually volunteer to fix trails and clean up trails. And also I have never met or seen a mountain biker leave trash on the trail. Not like hikers! That's right, who else is on the trail?

Next are people. Now don't get so riled up with this one. I am not picking or pointing out a particular group of people but this is more of a generality. I know not everyone is like this and if you fall in this category and you get upset with it, well chances are you are that person. Because the region in general there's no mincing words here, a more affluent cash rich area, a very diverse area, highly skilled professionals and highly educated population with let's face it, lots of money, you encounter a lot of snobbery.

Add to this cultural differences and language barrier it might feel that way. There is a certain attitude, not all and not a lot of people, there's a certain attitude of entitlement. Also for me it doesn't help that the media keeps magnifying our differences and also this label of I'm a Filipino American or a Chinese American or African American to me it should be I'm an American of Filipino descent. I mean aren't we all here because we love this country and want to be a part of this country. Why not start with what we have in common. I don't know. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.

I think the last one I want to share with you is Crime. Now before I continue let me say if you want to check crime data, check out the FBI website. You can also check out neighborhood scouts. Those two sites have information regarding crime statistics. What I'm about to share with you is more anecdotal and frankly I'm not compiling nor have I done extensive research on this.

This is mainly around Castro Valley where I live. From social media post to news post that I see, it seems that crime, property crime is really going up. Just in Castro Valley I see several posts about catalytic converters being stolen or mail being discovered somewhere else. Or even video capture of people stealing stuff. Some of these videos that I have seen online are frankly brazen. I saw one that was posted on Nextdoor.com. It was in the middle of the day, on a busy street, someone just parked and then started opening up the tool box behind the pick truck. I mean they dont even wait for the cover of darkness. What scares me even more is when I hear of home invasions. That's freakin next level."

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