August 02, 2020 at 10:49am | Mac Rogers
So you've decided to move to the east bay. You've narrowed down your search and one of your choices is Castro Valley. Question now is, what is the cost of living in Castro Valley? There are many factors that contribute to these costs. Here and we cover health, transportation, utilities, and the biggest factor how much does it cost to buy a house in Castro Valley, CA.

It's so EXPENSIVE to live here!!! We've all heard those words uttered. Most likely we've even said it ourselves. But what does that mean in numbers? In this video, we will talk about what is the cost of living, here in Castro Valley and compare it to Portland, Oregon.

When you talk about cost of living, it's usually related to the cost of living index. WHAT IS COST OF LIVING INDEX.

It's an index that allows you to compare one place to another. It gives you an idea of how far your money will go before you move. For our purposes, lets compare Castro Valley and Portland, Oregon. Portland is a popular destination for people here in the bay area.

Let's start with the biggest expense. Housing.

That is almost 50%.... It shouldn't be a shock but it still is when you actually see the number. Castro Valley is almost 50% more than Portland. Last month's average sales price here in Castro Valley was actually closer to $950,000. As if that was not enough you then have to compete for a home when you do find one.

You can't just make an offer and expect to get that property outright. Portland is a little bit similar. It's getting more competitive. They actually blame Californians for that. What's more is that in Portland what you get for that $500,000 price tag is actually a lot more than what you would get for the average sales price here in Castro Valley.

This is what you get for around $500,000. In Castro Valley this is what you get... Nothing. Well actually not nothing, but you do not get that for sure. You can probably get a condo for that price.

For renters, check out these numbers...Portland is also more expensive compared to the average US city but look at the numbers for Castro Valley. Again almost double that of Portland. I'm getting a headache just giving you these numbers.

Let's move on to groceries, health & utilities. Castro Valley again is more expensive than Portland. Food or groceries higher here which is surprising considering Portland has a lot more organic groceries which tends to be more expensive. The price difference is probably more about the cost of doing business here rather than the actual price of the goods. For us, a family of four and a dog on average our monthly grocery expense is $600.

Our utilities, $115 for internet, that's not even the fastest, electricity is about $250, water is $300 a quarter and garbage is $160 a quarter. Gas is about $3 per gallon

The other thing that was surprising here is that Portland has a slightly higher cost in transportation. It's surprising because Portland has a very good public transportation system and also a very bike friendly metro area.

Health is another thing that we pay more here. Can't give you dollar amount because health insurance is very individual but Portland on average has 375 physicians per 100,000 people versus 226 physicians per 100,000 in Castro Valley. Meaning more doctors.

What I am a bit surprised about is that Castro Valley is not that much higher than the US average for health care cost.
Education is another big thing. I don't know if this translates to quality of education but I think it's a factor. On average, Portland spends 6% more than Castro Valley per student. Portland has fewer students to teacher ratio.

Next let's compare air quality and rainfall. I mean we got to find out if there's a difference right? California has one of the strictest standards for pollution in the world. Not the US, in the world. Air quality is something we have better. I'm glad all that extra taxes and extra regulations on us and the car industry and the oil companies has an effect. But what is surprising to me is how low the number is for Portland. I don't know, somehow I feel that with all that rain that they get up there it should be washing away that pollution right? Doesn't it work that way? Plus all the greenery should soak up all that CO2.

In summary, Castro Valley is 30.5% more expensive that Portland.
Housing is a whooping 49.5% more expensive and healthcare related expenses are 17% less that Portland.

So there you have it. The cost of living here in Castro Valley compared to Portland, Oregon. Here's one last bit of information to compare. If you were making $200,000 here in Castro Valley, that salary equivalent in Portland, Oregon is between $137,000 and $164,000.

I hope you got some good information from this video. We help a lot of home buyers and home sellers in and around the east bay, if that is you, we would love to help you. Give us a call, send us a text message, email us, smoke signals, carrier pigeon, however you want to reach us we are here for you.

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