May 04, 2020 at 7:18am | Mac Rogers
Before the coronovirus out break you were planning to sell your house or perhaps you already had your house on the market, then BOOM! Out of nowhere it hits us. Life was we know it is forever changed. Many were getting ready for what everyone was forecasting to be another hot spring and summer housing market. Now, we dont even know when we are going to get let out again let alone go back to normal. Questions that I'm getting are what do you ? Do you move forward as planned? Wait and see? What about safety? And of course the biggest question of all, can you still sell your house during this time?

Hey guys it's Mac with Albert Rogers Realty here in Castro Valley, CA.

One quick disclaimer before I answer that last question. Things are still moving fast and constantly changing. So check when this video was published compared to when you are watching it.

Real estate was deemed essential, so yes you can still sell your house! We strictly follow all local and national guidelines to keep everyone safe. I already created a video touching on safety, so I won't go into that in this video.

Our company have been using a lot of digital tools and technology prior to all this happening so it's not like we needed to reinvent the wheel or come-up with a new plan to market your home. Let me just highlight some of what we do here.

First we use Matterport virtual tours to digitally capture a 3D image of your home. Here's what we can do with this technology. First is a dollhouse view of your house. Your house is rendered digitally to look like a dollhouse and the buyers can point, click and rotate to any part of the house to see it in detail. With a dollhouse view you can give the buyer the big picture of the your house.

From the dollhouse view a buyer can go into inside view. And this is what I really love about this technology because the buyer can virtually walk into the front door and have an immersive experience of the space as if they were walking room to room. What I like doing is having two screens open like my iPad and laptop together and one screen is in the inside view and me going room to room and the other screen on dollhouse view or the next feature floor plan view.

The floor plan view gives your buyer a birds eye view of the space so you can easily understand how the home is layed out.

There are several other features like an actual floor plan layout with measurements, the ability to tag anywhere if you wanted to highlight some features, this is truly a must and no longer just a novelty.

Next is Video. Video. Video and more video. We have a videographer to come in and take a video of the entire home and highlight the key features that buyers would want to see. We also do a drone video of the house and the neighborhood. From the streets to the park and any other amenity that we need to highlight for the buyers.

And of course we still have amazing photos, dedicated websites and open house. Virtual open house. This is when we schedule an actual virtual open house that buyers sign up to join and we answer any questions that might come up just like a regular open house.

Now we can do all these and all the other things but its pointless if we can't get your house in front of the right audience.

Did you know that 95% of homebuyers start their search online and 76% use social media and yet, only 16% of agents use social media in their marketing strategy. Now if you thought that's bad, this is worse, only 1% of agents are using social media correctly.

What I mean by this is that their posting it on their Facebook page or Instagram but who is seeing those post? Their mom, grandma & grandpa. Very limited. they might even be boosting their post and again are actual interested homebuyers seeing it?

Think of it this way, you can advertise your home in the middle of Times Square in New York and thousands of people can see it but is that where your prospective buyer will be? Most likely not.

We run highly targeted paid ad campaigns. You see, Facebook and these other social media companies make their money with advertising. So they won't just show a post to everyone in the platform for free.

So we don't just post and pay to advertise cause again that would be pointless. We target our ads to buyers and retarget it to buyers that has expressed interest or similar characteristics that matches.

This is the same technology that Amazon, Google, Nike and other fortune 500 companies use to market their goods. You know when you search online for a pair of shoes and then all of a sudden you start seeing those shoes and other shoe advertisement everywhere. I know it's annoying but when you are on the other side and you need to sell something, you need to be infront of the buyers that expressed interest.

So the answer to the question, can you still sell your house during this time is YES? It's not only feasible but also doable. We have the tools, the technology, but most of all the strategy to get your house in front of buyers.

If that is you today, give us a call or send us a message and we will schedule a virtual pre-listing consultation with you.

In this ever changing times, our first priority is safety. So please be safe out there and pretty soon this will be a distant memory. Have a great day.


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