April 28, 2020 at 7:43am | Mac Rogers
So, despite all the coronavirus issue…you still have a need to buy or sell real estate this spring/summer….but there’s so much uncertainty in the market, you’re not sure what to expect.

Hi, I’m Mac broker/owner with Albert Rogers Realty here in Castro Valley, CA.

Here’s what you should know and consider, about the current market…

The good news is that real estate is considered “essential business.” So, we can still do the necessary functions to list, show, buy and sell. Inventory is staying level and interest rates are still low. Typically, we would be approaching a very seller-favorable market…due to low interest rates and the onset of spring and summer…which, traditionally, is the time frame in which real estate experiences an increase in buyer demand.

However, it is likely, that buyer demand will remain fairly mild…due to employment concerns and, possibly, more stringent financing requirements. So, this could balance the scales out a bit…buyers recognizing that housing options are limited and sellers recognizing that their buyer pool is also somewhat limited.

If you’re concerned about safety, you’ll be happy to know that our world of modern technology provides us the ability to do much of the home buying/selling process virtually. Be sure to watch my videos on how to buy and sell, safely, during this pandemic.

Finally, these are unprecedented times…and we’re all trying to acclimate to the ongoing changes. It is, likely, that you will experience delays and unexpected obstacles during the transaction. So, it’s very important that buyers and sellers and all other parties included in the transaction…practice empathy, flexibility and patience.

I’m Mac with Albert Rogers Realty and I’m here to provide you with a smarter approach to real estate.


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