April 27, 2020 at 9:03am | Mac Rogers
This is our last video in our series, selling your home during a pandemic or getting ready to sell after a pandemic.

We are in the middle of all these craziness right now but at the end of the day when everything gets back to normal, whatever that looks like you may still need to sell your house. So I created this video series to make sure you are ready when the time comes and you need to act.

This is Mac with Albert Rogers Realty here in Castro Valley, CA.

Our first video dealt with safety. In the second video we talked about the outside of the home. The third video we talked about knowing the market. The forth video we talked about inside of your house. Fifth video we covered negotiations. In this last video we will talk about certified turn key property.

What do I mean by that? You've heard of a Certified Pre-Owned Car right? Did you know that research shows that they sell for around 13% more than cars that aren’t?

Well, selling a certified turn-key home is very similar.
It consists of getting all of the inspections done ahead of time. Making sure all the health and safety items are fixed, as well as all section 1 Termite work, which includes dry rot, leaks and of course termites.

It also includes a Home Warranty which is a huge protection for the buyer and the seller. The home is professionally cleaned prior to the buyer moving in.

This is essential when selling a home because it does a few things for the seller. The seller has much more assurance that they will actually “net” what it is that they thought when going into escrow.

It gives them peace of mind that the buyer won’t ask for any unreasonable or outlandish repairs. It also cuts down on inspection time frames and it is more likely the home will close escrow on time.

As a seller it also gives you more confidence if you have a replacement property to purchase and need every penny out of your sale to secure and close on your new purchase.

Also the buyer is more confident that they are buying a sound home that is in move in ready condition. If there is bank financing on the property, some loan programs require health and safety as well as Section 1 termite work to be completed prior to closing escrow so with that already being completed, there is further assurance that the loan will go through.

To wrap it up, selling a certified turn-key home gives the seller, buyer and lender more confidence throughout the entire transaction.

I hope you enjoyed this 6 part video series and have gotten useful information out of the series. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or click on the link below and we can schedule a virtual pre-listing consultation.

I'm Mac with Albert Rogers Realty. Have a great day. Stay safe.


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