April 13, 2020 at 5:52pm | Mac Rogers

We are in the middle of all these craziness right now but at the end of the day when everything gets back to normal, whatever that looks like you may still need to sell your house. I created this video series so you are ready when the time comes and you need to act.

This is Mac with Albert Rogers Realty here in Castro Valley, CA.

Pandemic, terrorist attack, recession, whatever is going on the goal is the same if you are thinking of selling your home. That is you want to make sure you get top dollar and aren’t stressed out from mistakes that can happen when hiring an inexperienced, unqualified, or discount broker, who by the way can’t offer enough value so the only way they can earn your business is by cutting their commission.

This video series is for you. Watch just one or watch them all, we are going to educate and inform you of the secrets, hacks, and tricks that top producing agents don’t tell their competitors.

For this first video we will tackle safety. The question is…what can you do to minimize risk of exposure, while selling your home during this pandemic?

Here are a few ways to apply safety precautions and minimize risk, to all parties. Please always follow our government's instructions.

Using tools and strategies that allow buyers to view your home, virtually, is more important now than ever. Here are a few examples…

Display as much as possible…Video home tours, 3D floor plans, and ample amount of professional photos that include drone photography of the grounds and neighborhood are just a few great ways to paint a clear picture of your home.

Disclose everything…seller’s disclosure, pre-inspection reports, HOA documentation and any other pertinent information regarding the property, should be made readily available to the buyer and attached to the MLS listing.

Virtual marketing on steroids.
In addition to the basic syndication to various online sources, such as Zillow, Realtor.com, etc… and basic social media postings…my unique digital marketing strategy also includes paid ad campaigns designed to target & market potential buyers that have completed searches or displayed behavior that relate to the unique features of your home.

This information and these strategies will help attract and hone in on buyers that have a true interest in your home. Once we’ve attracted the right buyer, we can ensure that we are only showing to serious buyers by adding a requirement of not only requiring a copy of a pre-approval and proof of funds, prior to showing, but also a conversation with their lender to make sure that the buyer is strong and has undergone full underwriting…and we can, further, prepare for showings by having hand sanitizer, asking everyone to wear gloves and mask and placing notices in strategic places throughout your home, to encourage and remind shoppers to be mindful of what they touch and remain sanitized.

Selling a home during a pandemic will certainly have its challenges....but, by applying safety precautions and making the most of our disruptive digital marketing strategy and modern world technology…it is still feasible to sell and minimize risk in the process.

So, if you need to sell…or looking for more info to just get it ready give me a call or click on the link below to set up a virtual pre-listing consultation.

I’m Mac Rogers, broker/owner of Albert Rogers Realty and I’m here to provide you, with a smarter approach to real estate. Stay safe.


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