April 21, 2020 at 10:13am | Mac Rogers
The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we interact with each other. The fear and uncertainty we are facing right now is totally unfathomable just a few weeks ago.

With the uncertainty comes opportunities. Some home buyers are looking and expecting there would be deals on homes or just down right a repeat of 2008. Unfortunately right now, sellers are not offering any discounts. Some are holding and waiting.

Home prices in Castro Valley has not been affected nor have I talked to sellers that think they need to lower their price. There is certainly uneasiness but no panic at all.
Here's a recent survey done by the great folks at the National Association of Realtors.

1. “Have any of your sellers recently reduced their price to attract buyers?”
Their answer: 72% said their sellers have not lowered prices to attract buyers during this health crisis.

2. “Are home buyers expecting lower prices now?”
Their answer: 63% of agents said their buyers were looking for a price reduction of at least 5%.

Clearly, there's a bit of disconnect here. What I see happening is there maybe a short time frame where buyers might be able to luck out. This could mean getting a slight discount or just plainly getting a home in this very competitive real estate market that we have in the bay area.

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Stay safe guys.


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