March 20, 2020 at 8:14am | Mac Rogers

Do you remember back when we were kids coming back on the first day of school? So excited to tell everyone what you did over the summer. Where you went. Who you met.

So I was thinking about this and how it kind of related to what is going on right now.

When I thought about that, I made a decision: I am not going to spend the next few weeks or months or however long it is whining and complaining, being freaked out or feeling bummed.

I’m not trying to minimize what’s going on. This coronavirus thing is serious, and it will have an impact on all of our businesses, finances, and personal lives. It is what it is. We can’t make it go away and we can’t stick our heads in the sand and pretend it’s not happening.
That said, we can totally choose how we respond to what’s going on.

We can be our best selves or our smallest selves. We can grow or shrink.

We’ve all faced tough times before, but you know what? I can honestly say that, as hard as those times were, I grew stronger and better and learned huge lessons because of them. The decisions and choices I made during those times shaped who I am today.

Let's put things in perspective. You know the saying. You have lemons? Make lemonade.

First of all if you are watching this your probably not even in the front lines of the fight. Think of the people that's working like crazy taking care of the sick people while making sure that they dont get sick themselves and then most likely turn around back home and take care of their own family. To you guys thank you and please take care of yourselves.

Second, you've probably been saving to yourself for so long how you do not have time to do this, to do that, well guess what??? Here it is!

Another note on time, a lot of us are always complaining about not having enough sleep rest etc, again, there you go. You have that time now. Use it wisely.

Look do you want to be the guy or gal that comes back to the office and tell everyone how miserable you were. How you hated that the kids just ran around or worse not doing anything, how bored you were? How crazy the news was.

Or do you want to be the one that tells everyone how you just freakin rearranged every nook and cranny in your home because you watched this Marie person and you found the joy in your stuff again.

Or here's another novel idea, help out other people, call and have meaningful conversations. Guess what, people are just waiting to hear from you because they are probably scared, freaked out or not doing anything.

Think of it this way, summer is almost over and you know that your teacher will make you write that essay, "What I Did During the Coronavirus Pandemic.” Will your essay be an A paper or toilet paper? You still have time to make the better choice.

* * *


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