January 21, 2020 at 7:12am | Mac Rogers
Selling your home in the winter could be the greatest strategy to get the best return on your investment.  But there’s still some work to do!

Inventory in the winter is lower, usually making it a seller’s market, but in order to get the most interest and the best price, there are some very simple things you can do.

1. Clear out the top! Cleaning your gutters and clearing your roof are simple things that protect the house in the winter and help demonstrate to prospective buyers how you have cared for the home.

2. Insulate the attic. Walking into a chilly home is not appealing to buyers! If the attic is not insulated, or if the insulation needs a touch up, do it! It’s a quick fix that’s helpful for both winter and summer months and could add more value to your home.

3. Check your HVAC. Speaking of chilly homes, make sure your heating system is running effectively and efficiently. Not only will buyers be partial to a home that has been properly maintained, but the home inspector will be checking, too!

4. Prepare your plumbing. In the cold-weather months, your pipes can be especially vulnerable. Make sure any exterior faucets are shut off or sealed, and wrap any exposed pipes with proper insulation to prevent freezing or bursting. The last thing you need when showing your home for sale is a plumbing problem!

5. Check the chimney. If you have a fireplace, make sure that it’s cleaned and free of any fire hazards. This is an easy way to give buyers peace of mind - and you, too, can enjoy the homey hearth until your home sells!

For more tips and tricks, be sure to reach out. I love being a resource and setting my clients up for success!



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