December 02, 2019 at 7:58am | Mac Rogers

Building a new home can be exciting – you get to choose the lot, the floor plan, and customize it to match your design tastes and lifestyle!

Hi I’m Mac Rogers, owner broker of Albert Rogers Realty here in Castro Valley CA. Building a new home from the ground up is unlike anything most people have ever done before and can take 6 to 10 months to complete. I’ve helped so many people build their dream homes over the years and know that taking a little time to plan up front can prevent costly mistakes.

Here are 3 Things You Can do to Avoid Mistakes When Building a New Home:

1. SELECT THE RIGHT LOT: Make sure the lot you choose fits your needs and PLEASE don’t settle for one just because it’s the last one in that phase of the subdivision. Remember, you can’t change your mind on this one after you move in, so it’s a major decision in the home building process. Is it the right size? Will the shape or layout of the yard be adequate with the floor plan you want to build? Will you like the view, or will you eventually be staring at industrial buildings?

2. KEEP YOUR MORTGAGE COSTS IN CHECK: A mortgage payment consists of the Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance (PITI). One way to keep the costs down on a new build is to research the cost of the upgrades you want in advance of signing a contract. Most builders offer design center visits to allow you to get an idea of what materials are standard (i.e. already included in the base price of the home) and the cost for upgrades like custom cabinets or luxury vinyl plank flooring or subway tile. Knowing the costs for the upgrades you want before the build begins will help you decide whether they’re worth the investment.

3. CHOOSE A GOOD BUILDER: This is another crucial aspect of the home building process since the builder is responsible for making sure construction is done on time and complies with today’s building standards. Every builder has their own floor plans, lot premiums, standard materials, available upgrades, energy-efficiency standards, and landscaping packages. Plus, many builders offer different options from one community to the next even if the floor plans are exactly the same.

There are so many other considerations that should be made before you put pen to paper on a new build, but it would take way too long to go over them all here. So, if you’re considering building a new home, and want an experienced agent to help you avoid the myriad of potentially costly mistakes that can be made, give me a call or message me today. I’m here to help you make your best real estate move. Take care now I will see you at my next open house.


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