November 26, 2019 at 7:00am | Mac Rogers

Are you thinking of buying a new home but you don’t know where to start? Let’s look at two options available to you, pre-owned homes and new construction.

Hi I’m Mac Rogers Broker Owner of Albert Rogers Realty here in Castro Valley CA. There are many pros and cons of each option and today I am going to walk you through a few for each option starting with existing homes. One great feature is that typically the window coverings, fencing, landscaping and possibly a pool have already been done and are included in the price. Typically the home is in more of an established neighborhood and you’ll see more lush trees and landscape.

A negative could be that the home is older and you may have to consider the age of the appliances, plumbing, roof, etc. and consider if they may need to be replaced soon. On a new home, you shouldn’t have to worry about that. That’s one of the pros of buying a new home, you know that everything will be built up to the newest, safest building codes. The finishes and upgrades can typically be customized to your taste if purchased early enough in the building phase.

Another pro is that new construction homes are move-in ready so you won’t be spending time doing any upgrading before moving in. A new construction con, which is a big one in regards to budget is that it is easy to overspend on upgrades and build a home overpriced for the community.

I could go on forever about the pros and cons of each type of build however I’d love to just show you in person! For a personalized tour of homes available for you, call us today at Albert Rogers Realty, We are always here to help. And As always, I will see you at my next open house.


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