November 25, 2019 at 10:00am | Mac Rogers
Thinking of purchasing a new home that is brand new construction. By the way, you should always bring your realtor along on your first visit or the builder may refuse to work with your realtor and it doesn’t cost you anything, we are just here to protect your needs and best interests.

There are a few things I want you to consider when buying from a new home subdivision. Hi’ I’m Mac Rogers Owner Broker of Albert Rogers Realty here in Castro Valley, CA.

In today’s world, most if not every builder, has an onsite realtor representing the selling side of the transaction, but what does this mean to the buyer? It means that if you as the buyer go into a new home community and you are not represented by a Realtor, you are going in with a disadvantage. The agents who in the office, are staffed and hired to work for and represent the builder. It’s hard for the builder’s agent to be completely objective when the seller is the one paying their salary every month. A lot of the national builders are publicly traded and need to meet certain “sales goals” and for that reason tend to be more aggressive with incentives toward the end of the quarter. We can help you negotiate better terms, conditions and upgrades that won’t cost you but will cost the builder. Also, Buyers need an objective party to help them look over and understand the contract.

And Lastly. I’ve seen first-hand where the onsite realtor has led a buyer to believe that if they do not use their own agent, that the builder will reduce the price of the home offsetting the commission that would have been paid.

Reality is, builders don’t like to reduce their price because it sets the comparison price for future home sales in that neighborhood. Builders instead add the commissions paid to a buyer’s agent into the marketing budget of the home.

No representation just means that the builder’s agent or the builder will pocket that money. If you’re considering new construction make sure you have an agent protecting your best interest. Reach out to one of us at Albert Rogers Realty and we will make sure that you’re best interest are served!! I will see you at my next open house.


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