November 27, 2019 at 10:00am | Mac Rogers

Are you thinking of buying a new construction home but don’t know what upgrades will get you the most return for your money? Hi I’m Mac Rogers with Albert Rogers Realty here in Castro Valley CA and I’m here to help!

Today I’ll go over the 6 new construction upgrades that are worth the money. And remember, when purchasing new construction, never go without the representation of a Realtor, remember the people in the sales office represent the builder and are looking out for their best interest, not yours.

When you’re building new construction, you’re tasked with making a lot of decisions. The base price of your home is the cost of the structure plus all the standard finishes. If you’re planning to customize (and if you’re building a new home, you probably are), then you have to also factor in the cost of upgrades. Staying in your budget when there are so many options to choose from can be difficult so it’s important to know which upgrades give you the most bang for your buck.

1. The kitchen. The kitchen is the focal point of your home and one of the rooms you’ll spend the most time in. When you decide to sell it’s one of the first places potential buyers will look when determining whether your home is worth what you’re asking for it.

2. More lighting. You can never have too much light, It adds not just brightness but also warmth to a space. Make your money count and focus on rooms where lighting is most necessary such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

3. Energy saving upgrades such as windows, appliances, heating and cooling devices and more are the gifts that keep up giving. The more efficient your home the more you’ll save in utility costs every month.

4. Bigger garage. This will depend on your lot size and layout but if you can extend your garage, then do it. This is both a functional upgrade but a wise investment.

5. Innovative storage options. Storage is universally desired among homebuyers and fortunately adding in innovative storage solutions aren’t terribly expensive.

6. Carpet padding. Upgraded carpet padding will make your carpet more pleasant to walk on even if you don’t splurge on upgraded carpet itself.

Reach out to one of us at Albert Rogers Realty we will make sure that you’re best interest are served!! I will see you at my next open house.


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